We can help you retire in Cambodia

We Can Help You Retire in Siem Reap
(or Anywhere Else in Cambodia)

Thinking of relocating to Western Cambodia's thriving little paradise? We offer a retirement assistance service that will get you settled quickly with minimum wasted time or mistakes!

We help people retire in Siem Reap. To get you settled and comfortable with in new home quickly, our simple program includes local and cultural orientation, up to a month in a lovely villa, assistance with everything from visas to real estate, banking, decorating your home, immigration matters, health care, and activities for seniors, plus simplification of most of your practical needs. We do all this for a very affordable flat fee that will save you time and a lot of frustration.

Retire in Siem ReapWhy You Need Help

So you visited Siem Reap on a recent holiday and fell in love with it. (We don't blame you.) Sooner or later you think Cambodia might be a great place to retire because the weather and people are great, you like the vibe, and your money will go farther than just about anywhere else.

So you plan a trip Cambodia. You start looking for houses and apartments online and even make arrangements to see three or four places to live. So far, so good.

When you arrive Cambodia is new and shiny, but also a bit daunting. You do not know your way around a very complicated town. The homes you wanted to see have all been rented. You see some other houses and apartments, but are not really sure about the neighborhood or whether the rental fee is competitive. You learn that you entered Cambodia with the wrong kind of visa. Then you realize that you are eventually going to deal with things like internet, telephone, registration with the local Sangkat office, and sign all kind of legal papers written in a language you cannot read. You may even want to find someone to take care of your garden (or your pets), or people who can a paint and decorate your new home.

Fear may begin to set in. It becomes clear that relocation will take a long time and may be expensive, which is now how you wanted your retirement to begin. Some of us have been there. In fact, the idea for this service came from personal experience with retirement here.

What We Do

Our team will help you every step of the way. Most of our group grew up in Siem Reap, so we are very resourceful. We know about laws, regulations, customs, and how to get problems solved.

We help you find a new home. We will give you valuable feedback about location, security, and costs. You will need someone to review your lease. We have alawyer for that.

When it comes to sourcing things you want or need, we have you covered. If what you need is not available in Siem Reap, we probably know where to buy it in Bangkok so that you can have it in a day or two. We have a very resourceful "personal shopper&uot; there.

Many people want to hire domestic staff (you can afford it) and we help you with that, too. You will need some cultural awareness and sensitivity training, and sourcing all the things and services you think you will need, whether it be a veterinarian, a BBQ, or services like laundry, physical therapy, dentist or spa. It is very likely that you need to know about restaurants, entertainment, health services, churches, or where to find those things you can't live without.


You will have a concierge team at your service after you are settled to help make the Siem Reap learning curve tolerable, from mundane things like where to refill your cooking gas, how to get a taxi or tuktuk without standing on the street, getting a decent haircut, finding appropriate health or dental care, or even how to receive FedEx/DHL/UPS if your new home does not have an actual address (which is not uncommon here).

Villa Stay

As part of your program you get up to 30 nights in a unique villa that was once a French/Khmer farmhouse, located in a leafy gated community minutes from the center of town. This will not be a tourist experience, although we an arrange for a tour guide for you. You will live like most other expats do (although you won't have to wash the dishes). You get a comfortable ensuite bedroom on the "guest floor" with its own lounge, TV and veranda overlooking the garden. Breakfast and lunch or dinner are included six days a week, which gives you at least one chance a week to sample the local restaurants. If you find the perfect new home you can move earlier than 30 days.

Social Opportunities

We may even be able to introduce you to new friends who share some of your interests. We are considering exercise classes designed specifically for seniors, and helping to organize other activities like BBQs, card parties, outings, classes and more.

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